How to Tell a Crow from a Crow Bar

Surprisingly few people can tell a crow from a crowbar when they are hit in the back of the head with one or the other. To settle the confusion, here are just a few of the differences.

Crows are indigebirds-433965__180nous to the Northern Hemisphere of New World.

Crowbars are found anywhere carpenters and others in the construction trades congregate

Crows are large black birds with good senses of humour and a bad reputation.

Crowbars come in many sizes: from around 18 inches long to over 5 feet crowbar-153511__180long

An adult crow can be as long as 18 inches, and have a respectable wingspan of up to 36 inches. This bird is generally seen wandering around in largish groups called ‘murders.’ I am not making this up. It is as easy to find murders of crows as it is to find a horde of hamsters – maybe even easier.

raven-1347374__180A crow bar is a very important tool that comes in varying sizes. The average diameter is approximately 16 millimeters to 25 millimeters or 0.63 inch to 0.98 inch. Meanwhile, most crow bars have lengths somewhere between the range of 1,000 millimeters to 2,000 millimeters or 39.37 inches to 78.74 inches. A 1045-steel bar is one of the materials suitable to create this kind of durable tool.

burglar-308858__180A crow bar is often referred to as ‘jimmy’ or ‘jemmy’ when the tool is utilized for burglaries. As a reliable lever, it can be used to remove nails or separate two objects by force. This tool is commonly used to open wooden boxes, especially when the lids are nailed. A larger crow bar can serve different kinds of functions such as smashing things, prying boards apart as well as removing nails. It can even be used as an improvised weapon, particularly when being attacked. It is pretty silly to be improvising weapons when one is not being attacked.

raven-1480691__180Crows are very clever and teachable. Crows will sometimes attempt to mimic other birds’ calls after a few beers, but their accents always give them away. Because of the latter condition, crows are rarely used for burglary or removing nails. You ain’t never heard of a burglary of crows.

It is possible to use a crow as a weapon, but the amount of training involved makes this practice anything but improvisation. Plainly, the crows’ inability to overcome their strong accents makes any sort of thief-1562699__180improvisation problematic at best.

There are other differences.  Crows can fly, very well, though they sometimes look a bit ungainly when swimming.

Crowbars can only fly very short distances, and in many cases it looks that they are more flingable than aerodynamic.

With any luck, you can now discern the differences between crows and crowbars.

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